Make-up artist: Personal necessities for an on location shoot.

makeup artist

Let me start this post by saying: Hooray for you!  As makeup artists your first on location shoot is a pretty big deal it’s an opportunity many look forward to, I know I do, and it’s very exciting. Glamorous, on the other hand, it probably won’t be. Except for the much loved make up kit painstakingly selected for the big event. You will also need a few personal items. My very first on location job was when I was still studying, I woke up too-frigging-early (call time was 3am), rolled into the clothes we were told to wear (college T-shirt, jeans and black comfortable shoes), grabbed my makeup case (neatly set up by the door the previous night), and my trusty flea- market-bought-Kelly-style-every-day-hand-bag and was on my way. Needless to say your everyday hand bag does not always have the on location adventure necessities. So without much further ado: personal necessities for an on location shoot.

  1. Back pack/ cross body bag:

cross body bag

Even though you will most likely have a lovely shady place to set up for the initial makeup application this area will only be used for a portion of the day. The rest of the day will comprise of you trekking after the action, doing touch ups and the like. Unfortunately dragging your whole make up case with you will be a huge inconvenience.  That is why a handy dandy bag with your personal and touch up necessities will be a huge help.

  1. Anti-bacterial hand wipes:

wet wipws

Working on a multitude of people with a multitude of products can get unhygienic quickly. Not to mention having black eye shadow on your hands, with nowhere to wash it off, trying hard not to make it smudge all over the model/actors face is an unnecessary complication. My solution is anti-bacterial hand wipes.

  1. Zip-lock bag:

zip lock bag

For those used hand wipes and miscellaneous rubbish that always floats about.

  1. Plasters/Band-aids:


Accidents always happen at the worst times! One thing that is both unhygienic and downright dangerous is an open wound when you work in close contact with a lot of people. Always take plasters.

  1. Finger cots/latex gloves:

latex gloves

Second line of defense if the untimely wound happens to be on your fingers.

  1. Water bottle:

Merchandise Water Water Bottle Product Bottle

Running around all day can easily lead to dehydration, and in the hustle and bustle of an onset environment it’s easy to forget to drink your eight cups a day. Having a water bottle in your bag, acts as a reminder to enjoy your favourite refreshment.

  1. Easy snacks:


Even though there is normally on set catering the days are more often than not super long with long stretches between meals. Except for the risk of feeling light headed it is difficult to maintain a level of professionality when one is hangry. You can take whatever you like the main thing to remember is it should be as convenient and easy to eat as possible.

  1. Mints/ mouth sprays:


For that after lunch or after snack breath.

  1. Sunscreen:


When the shoot is out doors it is important to stay protected from the sun.  I ALWAYS take SPF50 and reapply constantly to protect from a painful sunburn or worse . . . wrinkles!

  1. A foldable hat:


A hat is sometimes a bold fashion statement, or a cute accessory. In my case it is a hideous farmer John style contraption with a string under the chin. What it lacks in appearance it has more than made up for in practicality. Except for the obvious benefit of protecting your skin from the sun, it also shields your eyes (because who can do their best work when they are squinting) and has even helped keep a light drizzle from my face. Foldable so that it can be stashed in the bag without running the risk of being crushed.

Bonus: Tissues or toilet paper:


Because  . . . Porta potty’s!


I hope this post was helpful and informative. Please let me know what your on-set necessities are in the comment section down below.

Good luck.


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