On-the-go makeup bag essentials.

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Almost every woman that carries a hand bag has multiple makeup bits and bobs floating around in it. Sometimes it is confined to a makeup bag; the problem with this is that the makeup bag is more often than not bursting at the seams. The poor thing ends up housing a random array of fossilised lipstick and broken eye shadow to the extent that it ends up being a place the owner would only go under the most dire of circumstances. The solution to this problem however is an easy one, to stream line the process of being able to apply makeup on the go you should ditch the clutter and opt for products that are compact, easy to use, and multipurpose. Here are some of my favourite hand bag essentials:

1. Oil blotting papers.

tissue, papers

Oily skin is a problem for many people; our first instinct is to powder our shiny noses into oblivion, which often leads to a cakey mess. Not to mention a product that gets progressively more gunky as time passes. The solution to this problem is an easy one; Oil blotting sheets. These tiny little leaves of wonder are fantastic to use before you apply more product to your skin. They clear excess oils off the skin making powder application go on smoothly.

2. Concealer.


Redness and under eye circles are a nemesis to many including myself. Unfortunately as the day progresses our trusty concealer has a tendency to wear off. That is why I like to carry an extra concealer in my bag (or a little bit decanted into a small pot) to keep you looking fresh faced and blemish free. A slightly lighter concealer can also help in bringing light to the face and eye area creating a highlighted effect.

3. Powder foundation/translucent powder.

face powder

A powder foundation is a great next step to give you some additional coverage, help refine skin texture and help keep oiliness at bay. The coverage of this product is completely up to what you need and feel comfortable with. If you have a naturally matt complexion (lucky you) feel free to skip this step.

4. Mascara.


9 times out of 10 this product is on top of everyone’s favourite makeup products list. With good reason, mascara is a powerhouse for making the eyes pop and adding a touch of “put together” to every face. A makeup bag staple.

5. Cream blush.


Cream blush is great for adding an attractive flush to the skin as well as a hint of a healthy glow. This product is really handy for on the go because it can be applied with the fingers (remember to blend) and basically eliminates the risk of product fallout. A cream blush can also be a fantastic alternative to a lipstick and will give you a beautiful natural lip.

6. Lip gloss/ stain.

lip gloss

This is a marvellous product for everyone that enjoys wearing makeup. It can be as natural or as statement as you like in addition to being easy to apply. The sky is the limit.

The next products are not strictly makeup products but are always good to have:

7. Lip balm.


Chapped lips are unattractive, not to mention uncomfortable, this is why carrying lip balm is a must for me. It can be used for the lips (obviously), dry cuticles or elbows and a little bit applied to the finger can help tame unruly eyebrows in a pinch.

8. Hand cream.


Dry hands are not always a seasonal affliction; our hands are always busy and get washed multiple times during the day which dries them out. This is why a good moisturiser is important for any makeup bag. What’s more is that residue on the hands can help smooth out frizzy hair and a little bit applied over stockings can help ward of static electricity. Try one with added SPF for extra protection.


Bonus: WTF product.

9. Theatrical blood.

fake blood

Theatrical blood is not only useful for the gore factor but can also be used to give cheeks and lips “life” and some colour. As blood under the surface of the skin is what gives our skin a flush when we blush naturally, this product will suit almost everyone, and give you the most beautiful and natural finish you could ask for. The key thing to remember here is that less is more and to really make an effort when it comes to blending.


I hope this was helpful in streamlining what you carry on the go. What are your favourite handbag makeup products, please let me know in the comment section down below.

Thanks for reading and good luck.


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