5 Lip products to consider for your makeup stash

lip stick picture

Lip products are undeniably fun, they can really wake up your complexion and can make you look more put together with minimal effort and feel ready to take on anything. The one snag is that often people (trust me I am not exempt from this) can end up with a hoard of lipstick that has been used once or twice and left to gather dust, because how many nude lipsticks can you realistically use up before they go bad? In my opinion less is more, especially when you are just starting out, saving you money and from having to rearrange 50 identical lipsticks on a daily basis.

In this blog post I will be discussing 5 products for you to consider when shopping for makeup or when throwing out products you haven’t touched in ages, the most important thing to remember is that the perfect amount of lip products and in which colour range they are is dependent on what works best for YOU!

  1. Neutral lip pencil.

lip pencil

Lip pencils are often overlooked in a beginner’s make up collection but in my opinion they are very helpful to have. A neutral lip pencil can give you a lovely understated wash of colour that has real staying power, it is also an amazing tool when feel like you would like to “correct” your lips. For bigger lips simply run your pencil slightly outside your lip line, if you would like to make your lips appear smaller just draw your lines slightly inside your natural lip line. Lip liner is great to line your lips with prior to lipstick to help prevent the colour from feathering and to make the edges of your lipstick seem crisp, a trick I like to use when doing bridal makeup is to line and colour in the lips with a lip pencil and then apply lipstick over the top for amazing staying power and colour pay off.

  1. Neutral lip stick or lip gloss.

Person Model Girl Beautiful Attractive Portrait

I cannot sing the praises of the neutral lip stick enough! There is rarely an occasion where a neutral lip is not appropriate, from a super simple day look to pulling together an evening look with super dramatic eyes, and its even easy to apply on the go as minor imperfections are easily overlooked. I even go so far as to buy two of my favourite nude lipsticks, one I keep in my makeup bag and one I keep in my bag for on the go. . . I might have a problem.

  1. Classic red lipstick.

Girl Beauty Professional Model Russian Makeup

Few things in this world just screams glamour like a classic red lip! Many people I have spoken to seem slightly fearful of the red lip, thinking they can’t pull it off or will look like a clown but in my opinion that is rubbish! Anyone can pull off red lipstick as long as you keep your undertones in mind when shopping for your perfect red (if you have cool undertones opt for a deeper cool red and if you have warm undertones a fire engine red or orangey red will look lovely) and even if you are still learning how to apply makeup a red is easy to work with as you need very little else, just a bit of foundation some highlight and a lick of mascara and you are ready to channel you inner Marilyn.

  1. Fun colour (pink/coral/plum) lipstick.

pink lips girl

We all get those days where we feel care free and light on those days you need something to really express that and how better to do it than with your lip colour! Even on some days when you are not feeling yourself a fun lip colour will give you something to smile about every time you look in the mirror or at least make you seem more chipper. When I have an early morning start after a night of tossing and turning I love to throw on some BB cream, mascara and a bright pink lip it instantly makes me feel better and distracts people from the bags under my eyes. The colour you pick is totally up to what you like and what suits your complexion.

  1. Lip balm.

lip balm

Okay I am cheating, I admit it, but I am a firm believer that no lipstick looks good over dry flaky lips! For that reason I always keep lip balm in my makeup bag and apply it liberally whenever my lips feel dry. Sometimes, especially in the winter, I like to apply lip balm at the very beginning when I’m putting on my makeup before I gently blot the excess off and finish with my lip colour. It is also nice to apply a touch of lip balm if I am colouring my whole lip in lip liner (as discussed in nr.1) for a nice glow that is not going to make my hair stick to my face in a light breeze.

I hope you have an idea of what products might work for you or what products may not be worth the investment, please let me know in the comment section what products work for you and what you would add or subtract from this list. Thank you for reading.

Have a nice day.


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