Dolly Wink eyeliner review.

eyeliner girl

If you enjoy following Japanese make-up products you have no doubt heard of Dolly Wink eye make-up. When I was finally able to get my mitts on some of these products I really had to give myself a stern talking to to stop myself buying the whole collection and inevitably not using any of it enough to warrant the purchase. So, after much deliberation I decided to try out the Dolly Wink Super Waterproof Eyeliner in Super Black.

dolly wink eye liner

The eye-liner comes in very showgirl-esque packaging making you feel oh so fancy when you use it (little things count!), it is a very slim and light package design that closes securely to prevent the product drying out and that is very easy to travel with. The applicator of the product is a felt-tip like device that is flexible yet firm enough for easy and precise applications.

dolly wink zoom in

The product itself is truly super black and glides on like a dream and produces a matt finish which makes me very happy indeed! Once it is applied it dries very fast and stays in place without smudging all day, no really I had a good long evening nap on the couch and it stayed put through all of it, wish I could say the same for my mascara. As for removing the product I personally did not have any trouble, I just used my milky cleanser from First Aid Beauty and after a leisurely massage it all just rinsed away without any fuss.

At around £18 it is not the cheapest eyeliner on the market but it is a very good product, so if you are a bit of a makeup junkie (like me) or you are willing to splurge a bit on products that work I suggest you give this one a try, you can buy it here.

What are your favourite eyeliner products? Let me know in the comment section down below.

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this product in anyway nor am I paid to write this review. All opinions are my own.


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