What to wear for work: Makeup Artist Edition

There are many perks to being a professional makeup artist: your job is fun, you get to meet interesting people and flying your freak flag when it comes to how you dress is totally fine if not encouraged.  Obviously if you are working for a massive retail company like Mac or Inglot they might have stricter rules on what you can wear but if you are more on the freelance side of things you can pretty much wear whatever (yay). However, there are some guidelines I find helpful when choosing my outfits, because I believe that you can be yourself and professional at the same time.

makeup artist

  1. Not too short, not too low cut.

I think the human body is beautiful and you should show as much or as little skin as you like . . . in your own time. Showing cleavage when you are doing the makeup of someone’s grandma for their wedding is bound to make more than just a few people uncomfortable. If  you want to work with people  and have successful freelancing career you will have to pay attention to things like that as they might negatively impact your client base, even if your work quality is high. Leaning more towards modesty when dressing for work might be good idea. . . . and don’t show butt crack, ever.

  1. Reconsider your graphic T.

I love me a good graphic T-shirt they can instantly make you look a little bit more edgy and cool, but they might not be the best thing for work because some of them may have pictures or words some people may find offensive (it is 2018 after all) or you might be wearing clothes from a conflicting brand to the one you are working for. Imagine wearing an Adidas shirt to a Nike shoot lol better to err on the side of caution.

  1. Comfort really is key.

Doing makeup all day is hella fun but can be hella tiring. You run around all day, sometimes work in weird postures, have to cart around a huge kit bag and often work really long hours. Doing all of that in jeans that feel tight and uncomfortable and bra straps that are digging in while your shirt is riding up is just going to distract you from your work and frustrate you. Opt for comfort and a good fit.

staging_theatre_emotion_drugs_misery_black_stage_audience-1241848.jpg!d 2

  1. Ditch the heels.

Wearing heels to work if you are on your feet all day is a BAAAAAAD idea, I actually tried it once and I will never do it again *shudders*. Not everyone can get away with wearing sandals or trainers to work so I say embrace it.

  1. Minimal accessories.

Wearing lots of rings and bracelets while doing makeup can be a bit of a hygiene hazard seeing as they are just one more place where dirt can be trapped, further more they can easily make noise which is a big no no if you are in the room while people are shooting a video. I think it is best to stick to earrings and/or a necklace and leave the rings and bracelets for after work, I like to put my wedding ring on a chain around my neck so that I can put it back on straight after work and I don’t lose it. . . . . I am soppy like that.

  1. Black is always a good idea.

When in doubt I wear black. It looks professional, if I end up on my knees hunting for a makeup brush I dropped it doesn’t show dirt, it goes with everything and it hides the coffee I spilt on my shirt at lunch time. Win win.


  1. Wear clean clothes.

This really goes without saying but it is extremely unprofessional and gross to wear filthy clothes. Make sure your work wardrobe is always freshly laundered and that you keep stain wipes and a lint roller on hand.


Hope this post was helpful. Let me know in the comment section down below what your favourite outfit for work is.

Have a beautiful day.


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