Makeup Artist Review: Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil.


I am sure most people reading this blog post have at least heard about cleansing oils and balms, if not let me explain how you can actually use oil to wash your face. It all works on the principle that like dissolves like and because most makeup products are oil or wax based (as well as SPF and many skincare products) it makes sense too that it will be much gentler on the skin to remove makeup by dissolving it rather than using a harsh detergent.

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The Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil is a very light, pale yellow oil that does not smell like much of anything. This is due to the fact that no essential oils or fragrances have been added to the product, this all but eliminates the chance of this product causing allergic reactions. The main ingredient in this cleanser is Vitis vinifera seed oil aka grape seed oil. Grape seed oil has many amazing benefits for the skin including moisturising, antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. If you have acne or problematic skin I don’t think you need to be scared of using this product, grape seed oil has a comedogenic rating of 2 making it unlikely to cause breakouts, this coupled with the fact that the product is washed off and does not stay on the skin it is unlikely to cause a problem.

The packaging is quite sturdy and has not spilled or broken when I traveled with it, it comes in a plastic bottle that makes it light weight and not easy to smash (hey I’m clumsy this is important) the lid pops open and closed but it shuts tightly without leaking, the opening of the bottle is very small allowing for controlled out flow of product, so you are unlikely to end up with too much product in your hand that will ultimately go to waste. One thing that I will mention though is that the packaging is clear, I do prefer dark packaging when carrier oils are concerned as I think it keeps the integrity of the oil intact longer, I remedy this by making sure to store it in a cool dark place and not letting it out in the sun. But other than this I feel like the packaging is more than satisfactory.

To use the product you need to drop a few drops of the oil in your DRY palm and then gently massage it into your DRY face,I like to take at least 30 seconds (or more) and really enjoy this step. . . it feels amazing . The instructions on the bottle call for 2-3 drops, in my experience this is not enough, I like to use 6-8 drops but keep in mind that I am a makeup artist and that I routinely wear waterproof liquid liner and darker eyeshadow. . . so I might need a bit more oomph than some other people. So once all your makeup has been dissolved and you look proper scary it is time to remove the product. If you are a bit nervous that this product will leave a oily reside then rest assured it emulsifies with water and rinses away COMPLETELY. To do this simply drop a few drops of water into your hands and massage this over the cleansing oil to “activate” the emulsifier. You will notice the product becoming milky as the oils and water combine, then you just rinse your face as you would any other cleanser and you are left with beautiful skin that has no make up and has not been stripped or irritated. This is normally the point where I go in with a creamy cleanser and then continue with the rest of my skin care regimen.

This products retails for £8,29 on Amazon (you can get it here). In my opinion both the efficacy of the product and the price point is more than satisfactory and I really would recommend this product for any makeup users or double cleanse enthusiasts.

Thank you so much for reading this post I hope it was helpful. Let me know in the comment section down below if you have tried this product or what your favourite cleansing oil is.

Have a beautiful day.


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