Makeup Artist Answers: Do you really need to remove your makeup before bed?


The belief that you need to take your makeup off every night is pretty far reaching but when you ask people why they think so, you routinely get shrugs or someone mumbling about how skin needs to breathe, but the fact is that you have lungs that do all the necessary breathing and, that if you wear makeup that isn’t going to dissolve your face in the 10 plus hours you will be wearing it during the day, it is probably not going to do so while you sleep.

So is it absolutely crucial for you to remove your makeup before bed? No. Should you do it anyway? Probably. Skipping on your evening skincare routine takes away not only the opportunity to apply active ingredients like Retinoids and Acid products to the skin, but it also takes away an opportunity to add valuable moisture and hydration which will ensure proper barrier function and just glowing and beautiful skin overall.

So to sum up, skipping your nightly skin care routine now and then really is not going to be the end of the world but its definitely in the best interest for your skin, and bed sheets, to try and give your skin a good cleanse before bed.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, let me know in the comment section down below what your favourite products to use at night are.

Have a beautiful day.


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