Makeup Artist’s Review: Essence Glow Like A Mermaid Highlighter.


I am not really as mature as I like to think I am, sure I enjoy spending Friday nights on my couch and I have a foldable shopping bag in my hand bag and I have realised that there is such a thing as “too sweet” when it comes to desserts, but when I see a mermaid highlighter I can not pass it up. I bought the  Essence Glow Like A Mermaid Highlighter in (10 Forever Mermaid) on a recent shopping trip and honestly I figured I wouldn’t love it. But I do.


Firstly the product itself is so pretty (I’m a sucker I know) the packaging closes securely and seems sturdy, but honestly if I am going to travel with it I will probably just move the “pan” to a Z Palette. The formula of this highlighter is very buttery, applies smoothly and blends out beautifully without becoming patchy. The colour that comes out, when you swirl your brush through all the hues in the highlighter, is a gorgeous soft peachy pink colour (colour correcting witchcraft!) that really makes you look like you eat only fruit and vegetables, drinks two litres of water a day and got like. . . 10 hours of sleep.


Because this product is very reasonably priced I thought that the particles might be a bit chunky, but that really is not the case it is very fine and all round just a great product.

I rate this product five stars, it is amazing quality for the price point and it is just SO MUCH FUN!


You can get the Essence Glow Like A Mermaid Highlighter at Penneys (thats where I got it) or all places that sell Essence products I’m sure. Unfortunately I can not find an Amazon link for this product.

Thank you so much for reading this post, let me know in the comment section down below what your favourite products from Essence are.

Have a Beautiful day.


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