The best natural oils and why YOU need them.


Try not to be too shocked :p but you will not find coconut oil listed in this blog post, now do not get me wrong I do love coconut oil, but so does almost everyone else and I feel like it has been discussed so much it inspires collective eye rolls. My love for carrier oils is a long standing one, I have tried sooooo many different ones from super expensive to super cheap and I have discovered great oils on both ends of the spectrum. I started out using your run of the mill baby/mineral oil and have since tried every natural oil I could lay my hands on. There is some controversy surrounding mineral oil, but I do not necessarily think it is bad, my personal opinion is that I prefer using products that contain vitamins and antioxidants that add anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits over and above being an emollient. Furthermore with an array of different viscosities and textures I can really play around and adapt the product to what my skin needs at that time.

Some of these oils may have higher comedogenic ratings so if you are prone to acne make sure to do your homework before trying out a new oil.

  1. Almond oil – body oil, shave oil, make up remover.


Almond oil is a lovely medium viscosity oil that is full of skin healing vitamin E which makes it perfect for dry and sensitive skin, especially in the winter time. This oil does not have a strong aroma (honestly smells like nothing to me) which makes it great for adding essential oils like lavender and chamomile to really make it luxurious, or if you are just not a person who enjoys scented things this is perfect for you too. I mainly use this oil on my body. It is inexpensive and liquid at room temperature which makes it amazing in baths, to shave with, and to use as a body oil straight out of the shower for smooth and silky skin. I also find almond oil a very effective makeup remover, I just smooth a coin size amount over my skin and gently massage it in and follow with a facial cleanser.

You can get it here.

  1. Babassu oil – hair oil.


Babassu oil is a very light oil and solid at room temperature. As an oil that is very high in lauric acid it is easily absorbed by the body, and can actually penetrate the hair shaft preventing dry and crackly ends and protein loss. I actually use this oil in my hair in two ways as a deep conditioner and as a protective leave in product. Once a week I like to deep condition my hair, and I must say I have seen such a difference with the amount of hair breakage since I have started doing this. To deep condition my hair I will use about a teaspoon worth of melted Babassu oil all over dry hair BEFORE I WASH MY HAIR, I then put my hair up in a bun and wait at least 30 min for it to penetrate and then wash and condition as per usual. Every time after I wash my hair I like to add 3-4 drops of this oil to the ends of my hair, it helps with frizzy hair and gives incredible shine.

You can get it here.

  1. Pomegranate seed oil – ultra lux face oil.

Organic Healthy Red Pomegranate Seed Fruit Food

Pomegranate seed oil is the love of my life. Seriously I love this stuff. A very thick, almost tacky, oil that smells fruity and gorgeous and makes your skin look lustrous and glowing. . . seriously its my favourite.

As an oil rich in punicic acid Pomegranate seed oil is very high in free radical scavenging antioxidants and has stellar anti-inflammatory benefits making it a star product if you live in a cold windy climate and would like to fend off signs of premature aging. I like to add 4-5 drops of this oil to my skin after cleansing and using a serum in the morning and in the evening. Be warned that this oil is very thick and will take quite a while to sink in, I do not mind this in the evening but in the morning I prefer to mix my pomegranate seed oil in a 50/50 ratio with almond oil to aid in absorption and get me out of the door faster. Because of how thick it is I also love using this oil as a lip treatment.

You can get it here.

These are my tried and true natural oils that I use every day to keep my skin healthy and happy. Have you tried any of these oils? Let me know in the comment section down below what your favourite oils are.

Have a beautiful day.


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