Makeup Artist Review: Simple Kind To Skin Rich Moisture Sheet Mask.


Sheet masks really are the epitome of self care these days, they are just SO CONVENIENT!   They come in easy, single use packages that you can just chuck onto a cleansed face wait (and enjoy) for a couple of minutes and follow with a moisturiser, no rinsing needed.  Have dry skin in need of some serious TLC? Sheet mask. Need a pick me up after a long day? Sheet mask. Feeling extra introverted and you just need a layer between you and other peoples $hit? SHEET MASK!

So, now that we have established that I am slightly obsessed with sheet masks we are gonna focus on a specific sheet mask, the Simple Kind To Skin Rich Moisture Sheet Mask, that I have been using for a couple of weeks.


The Simple Kind To Skin Rich Moisture Sheet Mask comes in a durable sealed package that is awesome to travel with, when you tear open the package you pull out a folded sheet covered in goo that you then fit over your face. The fit of the sheet mask itself is very comfortable, it fits my face well and adheres to the skin well so there is not too much slippage to worry about.

The formula is hypoallergenic, non comedogenic and scent free (LOVE) so it is a product that is easily suited to all skin types including sensitive and problematic. The ingredients are very basic, but no less potent for it, with things  such as Agave Americana stem extract, hydroxyethyl urea and Castor oil making it an intensely moisturising product.

Tip: I like to toss my closed sheet mask package into my bath water so that it can get warm, and feel like a hug on my mug. 

With this mask being fun, non irritating, moisturising, convenient and cheap ( its like €4 at Boots)! So with all that in mind I bequeath unto this product a five star rating.


You can read the review I did on the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil here.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post, let me know in the comment section down below what your favourite sheet mask is.

Have a beautiful day.



Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the company/brand mentioned above in any way shape or form. All opinions are my own.

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