Makeup Artist Review: Benefit Dandelion Brightening Finishing Powder And Dandelion Twinkle Powder Highlighter.

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The other day I was standing inline at my local Boots and I saw the oh so appealing Benefit Mini product range, after trying to control myself for all of 30 seconds I picked up two new products to try out. Today I am reviewing those products, for those of you that have a little more self control than me and prefer to do some research before purchasing products. . . Which I REALLY need to start doing.


Benefit Dandelion Brightening Finishing Powder.



This finishing powder or blush, as I like to use it, is a gorgeous coral leaning on the side of pink (light salmon-ish maybe?) , that is perfect for pasty pale girls (like me), or people that prefer a very natural look, the no-makeup-makeup look, if you will. The formula is a very blend-able powder that smooths onto the skin with no patchiness or chalkiness. This product comes in the signature Benefit cardboard packaging that may not be everyone’s favourite, but I really like this way more sustainable way to package makeup and if I plan to travel with this product I can just transfer it to a Z Palette. Because of the understated colour of this product I like to use it on more than just my cheekbones, I like to do a very light swipe over my eyelids as a base for other eyeshadow or on its own when I am wearing minimal makeup. It really helps to give you a healthy looking “peaches and cream” complexion.

Having said that, for darker skin tones, this product may be wonderful to use in conjunction with a setting powder to add a bit of something something to makeup looks for darker skinned individuals. I think a little on a fan brush (blended very well) on the high points of the face or under the eyes might look beautiful, a bit of a play on colour correction. I have not tried this yet. But if you have let me know :). Benefit has a very vibrant blush in the same range called, Dandelion Powder Rouge, that will look stunning on darker skin tones. I am yet to test this product out but I will link it below if you are keen to give it a try. Benefit also has an array of blushes that will suit every skin tone so go have a look in store.

You can get this product here.

You can get Dandelion Powder Rouge here.

Benefit Dandelion Twinkle Powder Highlighter.



The Dandelion Twinkle Highlighter is a beautiful soft highlight that gives that boost of radiance to any makeup look, this product can look super natural when lightly applied or very glam as the coverage is also very buildable. The formulation is a creamy product that applies easily with fluffy a brush (or with your pinky finger, which is how I like to highlight the inner corners of my eyes) and blends out like a dream. The packaging is the same as the Dandelion Brightening Finishing powder, which not everyone loves, but I really don’t mind. This product is beautifully complimentary to the Benefit Dandelion Finishing powder but may work for a larger variety of skin tones.

You can get this product here.

I really like these product both for personal use and in my kit, I think they will work exceptionally well for bridal makeup. The colours are gorgeous and the the formula is great but at €30-ish per (full size) product it is a bit on the pricey side, so I would be apprehensive to suggest people either young or new to makeup, rush out and buy this product. However, if makeup is your thing or you have been looking for this kind of product for a while, it might be worth a try. For this I award this product four stars.

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Thank you so much for reading this blog post, let me know in the comment section down below what your favourite Benefit products are.

Have a beautiful day.


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this brand in any way shape or form. All opinions are my own.

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