Makeup Artist Tips: 5 Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy and Luscious.


So, if the tile of this blog post makes you do a double take, and wonder what freakin’ business a Makeup Artist has giving hair tips, I am here to answer that question . . . probably nothing . . .but I am a person with hair. . .  and literally the worlds most finicky scalp (*sobs*), which actually caused me to go through a period of hair loss and breakage. So yeah. . . I did some research and through a process of elimination I present to you my 5 tips for healthy, luscious hair:

1. Wash as often as YOU need.


All over the internet I have heard people saying “wash your hair as little as possible” but this is just not realistic for all people, some hair types get oily very fast and will need to be washed more often. Something to keep in mind is that your scalp (just like other skin on your body) sweats, secretes oil and sheds dead cells that can get lodged in hair follicles and cause scalp irritation and even hair loss in some. Bottom line is do what YOUR scalp and hair needs to be healthy. Experiment, with sulphate and non-sulphate shampoos and conditioners with or without silicones, because as with most things there is no one size fits all.

You can get the shampoo and conditioner I like here.

2. Detangle GENTLY.


Detangling is arguably one of my least favourite things pertaining to hair care, I can’t even tell you the amount of times I ripped through wet hair with a paddle brush and just listened to the hair snapping off, it is a sound that physically hurts me. Use hair friendly detangling tools like a  seamless wide tooth comb, Tangle Teezer or a Wet brush that is super gentle and wont damage your strands. It may also be a good idea to avoid detangling when your hair is wet, as this is when it is most fragile, rather wait for it to be mostly dry before combing/brushing it out.

You can get a Wet Brush here.

You can get a Tangle Teezer here.

You can get a wide tooth comb here.

3. Deep condition.


Deep conditioning is very important to keep the ends of your hair hydrated and healthy, especially if your hair is long, for this step I like to skip expensive store bought products and reach instead for the love of my life. . . Coconut oil! Coconut oil has been scientifically proven to penetrate the hair shaft and to help avoid protein loss, you can read a study here. About once a week I like to rub a teaspoon of coconut oil into the ends of my hair an hour or two before I hop in the shower, and wash and condition as per usual. If you are feeling extra fancy you can apply a few drops on your ends after a wash for a little extra protection, it might take a little bit of experimentation to find out how much oil is right for your hair, but the results are worth it!

You can get Coconut oil here.

(Although checking out your local Supermarket might be a good idea)

4. Protect your hair while sleeping.


Tossing and turning during your beauty sleep can leave you with matted, frizzy hair that takes ages to detangle in the morning. The best way for me to prevent this is by platting my hair before bed or putting it in a bun secured with a claw clip or a gentle scrunchie. One thing that I will not be without is my satin pillowcase, which is amazing for skin AND hair, it works by reducing friction it helps prevent split ends and matting of the hair. . . and makes you feel like a princess.

You can get Claw Clips here.

You can get a Scrunchie here.

You can get a silk pillowcase here.

5. Stimulate your scalp. 

Beautiful blonde woman brushing her hair over white

The overall health and growth rate of your hair is determined by how well your scalp is functioning, this is why the correct products are important, but there is another FREE method of keeping your scalp healthy. . . . Massage. By massaging your scalp you increase the blood flow to the area, which in turn carts oxygen and vital nutrients to the follicles. . . and it feels really good! By massaging your scalp gently for 5min everyday you will add to the overall health of you hair and scalp while giving yourself some TLC. A real win win situation. There is actually also some scientific research that says that massaging can be helpful wit hair growth, you can read this study here.

If you have any persistent problems such as flakey, itchy or weepy scalp it is VERY important for you to go see a doctor to see if you have an underlying health issue that needs addressing.

Thank you so much for reading this post, let me know in the comment section down below what your favourite hair care tip is.


Have a beautiful day.


Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended to diagnose or treat and medical conditions, everything mentioned in this blog is my own opinions and interpretations.

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