Beauty BS: Castor Oil Will Help Hair And Eyelashes Grow Long And Thick.

Long Hair Lips Girl Portrait In The Black Person

I have seen many websites and blogs urging people to apply castor oil to their eyelashes and scalp to help increase growth rate and thickness of the hair. It all sounds very exciting, I mean who doesn’t want thick sexy hair, but there really is no concrete scientific evidence to support this claim. The fact is that how many hair follicles you have (i.e. how much hair you have) and the texture or thickness of your hair is genetically predetermined at the time of birth. And there is unfortunately nothing, other than hair pieces and extensions, you can do to change it.

I actually experimented with rubbing castor oil all over my head and yeah. . . NOTHING but gunky, sticky hair that was pretty freaking hard to de-oil. The same goes for applying Castor Oil to the eyelashes, does nothing and if it gets into your eye you see everything through a weird white film. . . it was weird, and I don’t recommend it. I was actually quite disappointed, somewhere in the back of my mind I imagined I would apply Castor oil a couple of times and magically grow anime levels of hair. . .


. . . alas it was not to be. . .

It is not to say that castor oil can’t help your hair and eyelashes in other ways and thus make it appear to grow longer and thicker. This is usually because Castor Oil helps to condition the hair (and eyelashes) making it more moisturised and more resilient to damage that can cause breakage and thinning. Basically helping the little guys hang in there better, if you will.

It may also be a good idea to remember that, if your hair has been thinning out of the blue, it may be due to a underlying medical condition. If this is something you are experiencing  it is probably a good idea to go see a medical professional to help you get to the root (LOL) of the problem.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any other beauty questions, that you would like me to do a blog post on, please leave it in the comment section down below.

Have a beautiful day.




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