Makeup Artist’s Favourite: Autumn/Winter Lip Products.

To me autumn and winter is the time for the bold lip, this is partially due to my lazy ass not wanting to get out of bed and thus sticking to just mascara and lipstick, but also because the autumnal colours are soooooo beautiful. In this blog post I will be discussing the 5 lip… Continue reading Makeup Artist’s Favourite: Autumn/Winter Lip Products.

Beauty BS: Drink more water when your skin is dry.

We have all heard that drinking water is good for your skin, while water or other hydrating substances are very important for a well functioning body, it does not serve to hydrate the skin on a cellular level. It does make sense that people think so, I myself have forcibly downed glass after glass of… Continue reading Beauty BS: Drink more water when your skin is dry.

Unconventional Beauty Tips 02.

Use theatrical blood as an ultra natural lip and cheek stain. Halloween is in the air, and many of us (ME!) might get a bit over excited when shopping for decorations and costumes, which just get tossed into the cupboard until next year. However there is one Halloween themed product that is great to use… Continue reading Unconventional Beauty Tips 02.

A Small (But Exciting) Halloween Lush Haul.

I LOVE HALLOWEEN, I love horror, and "cozy knits" and I basically fit the stereotype (you know the one I mean) to a tee. . . except when it comes to the Pumpkin Spice Latte (tastes like spiced dishwashing detergent if you ask me). If you combine the spirit of Halloween with my deep love… Continue reading A Small (But Exciting) Halloween Lush Haul.

Makeup Artist Reviews: Silk Cocoon Balls For Exfoliation.

Moths and butterflies freak me the hell out, I mean they are worms . . . that can fly into your face. . . horrifying! So when I heard that you can exfoliate your skin using silk worm cocoons I thought "gross" however it got me thinking of physical exfoliation methods, and how harsh they… Continue reading Makeup Artist Reviews: Silk Cocoon Balls For Exfoliation.

Makeup Artist Tips: What To Do For Super Dry Skin On Your Body.

Now that the cold weather has been rolling in (*sobs*) I have noticed my old nemesis . . . dry alligator skin on my legs. . . has returned with a vengeance. I have tried so many things, like shaving with oil, dry brushing and doing DIY salt/sugar scrubs. Though these work amazingly during the… Continue reading Makeup Artist Tips: What To Do For Super Dry Skin On Your Body.

Beauty BS: Natural is better.

In the last couple of years the natural beauty movement has been HUGE, people have been going out of their way to buy products that are "organic", "free from chemicals" and whatnot. While this is all well and good, natural skin care products are often very low in proven anti ageing or anti acne ingredients… Continue reading Beauty BS: Natural is better.