Makeup Artist’s 3 Favourite Primers.

I have been a makeup artist for a good 5 years now and in this time I have tried a lot of products some were great and some were duds, even though I have spent lots of money on makeup products that I didn't love it's okay because in my line of work I understand… Continue reading Makeup Artist’s 3 Favourite Primers.


Why your makeup “disappears” during the day.

Today I am coming at you with a very quick post answering one of the main questions I get from clients, models and basically everyone at a party once they find out I am a makeup artist. That question is: Why does my makeup disappear on my skin and what little remains becomes patchy? Although I… Continue reading Why your makeup “disappears” during the day.

Wedding day skin tips from a Makeup Artist.

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day so a bride often spends hours deciding on the perfect dress and accessories while getting makeup and hair trials. This is very exciting and in all the flurry of things to get done before your big day skin care often gets forgotten until just before… Continue reading Wedding day skin tips from a Makeup Artist.

Washing, reusing and storing false eyelashes.

False eyelashes can really pull a makeup look together. Whether you are a girl that likes to wear half strip lashes on the outer corner of your eye for parties, or you are a makeup artist with dramatic coloured lashes fit for a high fashion editorial shoot, the false lashes can make all the difference.… Continue reading Washing, reusing and storing false eyelashes.

MUA favourites: Spring Edition.

Spring is a wonderful time to go through your makeup bag or skincare drawers to see what products need to be put away for a while and what needs to come out of hibernation, so to speak. In this post I will be discussing my 5 favourite products for spring to hopefully inspire you to… Continue reading MUA favourites: Spring Edition.

What to wear for work: Makeup Artist Edition

There are many perks to being a professional makeup artist: your job is fun, you get to meet interesting people and flying your freak flag when it comes to how you dress is totally fine if not encouraged.  Obviously if you are working for a massive retail company like Mac or Inglot they might have… Continue reading What to wear for work: Makeup Artist Edition

How to remove makeup and prep a model’s skin, for a makeup application, quickly and efficiently.

Often when you are working onset you have to apply multiple different makeup looks on one model, or you have to remove the makeup they are already wearing for a clean and fresh canvas. . .  if you will. Normally your allocated work space does not come with a handy little tap and basin and… Continue reading How to remove makeup and prep a model’s skin, for a makeup application, quickly and efficiently.