Washing, reusing and storing false eyelashes.

False eyelashes can really pull a makeup look together. Whether you are a girl that likes to wear half strip lashes on the outer corner of your eye for parties, or you are a makeup artist with dramatic coloured lashes fit for a high fashion editorial shoot, the false lashes can make all the difference.… Continue reading Washing, reusing and storing false eyelashes.

Disinfecting and cleaning your make-up kit

Keeping your kit as clean and sanitary as possible is very important if you are a make-up artist. Not only is it a reflection on how professional you are, but it will establish trust between you and your clients. Cleaning your kit can take pretty long at first but you will soon get the hang… Continue reading Disinfecting and cleaning your make-up kit

Makeup Artist: How to clean and disinfect your brushes.

  Make-up brushes can be a haven for dirt and bacteria, that coupled with the fact that the brushes get used ON YOUR FACE, can really give you pause when you go to use them. This is why I have decided to write this post about how I wash my make-up brushes to give myself… Continue reading Makeup Artist: How to clean and disinfect your brushes.