HIT or MISS celebrity beauty tips.

Love them or hate them celebrities have great ability to inspire and influence average Joes like me. I am drawn to reading the celebrity beauty tips (especially if they are natural and simple) and some I find very intriguing and some make me cringe. Here are just a few celebrity beauty tips that I have… Continue reading HIT or MISS celebrity beauty tips.

Makeup Artist Answers: Do you really need to remove your makeup before bed?

The belief that you need to take your makeup off every night is pretty far reaching but when you ask people why they think so, you routinely get shrugs or someone mumbling about how skin needs to breathe, but the fact is that you have lungs that do all the necessary breathing and, that if… Continue reading Makeup Artist Answers: Do you really need to remove your makeup before bed?

A Makeup artists guide to saving and splurging on makeup goodies.

The makeup industry is vast and it can be very intimidating to know what to buy and what not to buy, there are many talented marketers out there that know how to appeal to the makeup loving demographic. I have fallen prey to paying way too much for a product that really isn’t worth the… Continue reading A Makeup artists guide to saving and splurging on makeup goodies.

Makeup Artist Review: Barefaced Vitamin C and E Corrective oil.

Life sometimes gets busy, and you can get a bit flustered (I know I do), so sleep and your healthy diet might be a little bit neglected and thus your skin might suffering a tad.  When you eventually stumble into the dry, heated air of your bedroom a super long and drawn out night skin… Continue reading Makeup Artist Review: Barefaced Vitamin C and E Corrective oil.

Makeup Artist’s 3 Favourite Primers.

I have been a makeup artist for a good 5 years now and in this time I have tried a lot of products some were great and some were duds, even though I have spent lots of money on makeup products that I didn't love it's okay because in my line of work I understand… Continue reading Makeup Artist’s 3 Favourite Primers.

Wedding day skin tips from a Makeup Artist.

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day so a bride often spends hours deciding on the perfect dress and accessories while getting makeup and hair trials. This is very exciting and in all the flurry of things to get done before your big day skin care often gets forgotten until just before… Continue reading Wedding day skin tips from a Makeup Artist.

Washing, reusing and storing false eyelashes.

False eyelashes can really pull a makeup look together. Whether you are a girl that likes to wear half strip lashes on the outer corner of your eye for parties, or you are a makeup artist with dramatic coloured lashes fit for a high fashion editorial shoot, the false lashes can make all the difference.… Continue reading Washing, reusing and storing false eyelashes.