Makeup Artist Review: Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil.

I am sure most people reading this blog post have at least heard about cleansing oils and balms, if not let me explain how you can actually use oil to wash your face. It all works on the principle that like dissolves like and because most makeup products are oil or wax based (as well… Continue reading Makeup Artist Review: Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil.

The Makeup Eraser vs The Come Clean Cloth.

Lots of people love wearing makeup, lots of people like having a clean and fresh face after removing said makeup. . .  most people, me included, freaking hate the process of actually taking your makeup off. That is why I am always on the lookout for ways to make the process of cleaning my mug… Continue reading The Makeup Eraser vs The Come Clean Cloth.

Dolly Wink eyeliner review.

If you enjoy following Japanese make-up products you have no doubt heard of Dolly Wink eye make-up. When I was finally able to get my mitts on some of these products I really had to give myself a stern talking to to stop myself buying the whole collection and inevitably not using any of it… Continue reading Dolly Wink eyeliner review.