Review: Barefaced Vitamin C and E Corrective oil.

Life sometimes gets busy, and you can get a bit flustered (I know I do), so sleep and your healthy diet might be a little bit neglected and thus your skin might suffering a tad.  When you eventually stumble into the dry, heated air of your bedroom a super long and drawn out night skin… Continue reading Review: Barefaced Vitamin C and E Corrective oil.

Makeup Artist’s tips for applying makeup over SPF.

    Any medical professional or skin care enthusiast will tell you that SPF is the single most important thing you can do for maintaining skin health and avoiding premature ageing and things like sun spots and wrinkles, and I am a staunch believer that you need to apply an SPF 20 to 50 EVERY… Continue reading Makeup Artist’s tips for applying makeup over SPF.

MUA favourites: Spring Edition.

Spring is a wonderful time to go through your makeup bag or skincare drawers to see what products need to be put away for a while and what needs to come out of hibernation, so to speak. In this post I will be discussing my 5 favourite products for spring to hopefully inspire you to… Continue reading MUA favourites: Spring Edition.

The Makeup Eraser vs The Come Clean Cloth.

Lots of people love wearing makeup, lots of people like having a clean and fresh face after removing said makeup. . .  most people, me included, freaking hate the process of actually taking your makeup off. That is why I am always on the lookout for ways to make the process of cleaning my mug… Continue reading The Makeup Eraser vs The Come Clean Cloth.

Insomnia beauty tips

Insomnia and sleeplessness suck, a lot, hearing “you look terrible” or “you look so tired” sucks even more (at least, if you are as vain as I am, it does). At night when we sleep our bodies go through many processes (one of my favourites being cell renewal) that get interrupted and thus slow down… Continue reading Insomnia beauty tips